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Ensuring blazing performance, reduced turnaround time and cost savings with feature-rich hybrid mobile applications – Secure, scalable and supercharged performance

Businesses require “one-code-fits-all” setup in today’s densely competitive app development scenario. They prefer to invest in app development that ensures excellent apps that are built fast and easy to maintain as well as update. Hybrid mobile application development enables businesses to leverage on the advanced methodology of hybrid coding compatible for both iOS and Android operating systems. NBN Minds is a reliable hybrid mobile application Development Company in India dedicated to offer reliable mobile application development services. With its innovative approach and expertise in Hybrid app development setup, the company ensures:

  • Cross-platform mobility
  • High-end performance of the apps
  • Immediate availability of apps on all platforms
  • Reduced costs and turn around time
  • Extended reach irrespective of platforms
  • Fluid performance

Why Choose us? Explore our Hybrid App Development Potential

When it comes to choose hybrid app developers in India, we are strong contenders with remarkable team and advanced software engineering infrastructure. Our team of experts is well versed with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 ensuring deployment of their hybrid app development skills to offer perfect blend of remarkable designs intertwined with adequate technical conventions. We house a team of highly knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated app developers, strategists, testers and software engineers. Our hybrid application development approach ensures:

  • High-end applications with reduced turn around time
  • Affordable pricing
  • Ensured usability and versatility
  • Optimum and effective use of resources like JavaScript, HTML5, JQuery Mobile and CSS3
  Technologies : IONIC, Angular JS, Framework 7

Highlighted benefits of Hybrid Mobile App development

Hybrid approach reduces cost of development and time-to-market by simplifying the codes easily usable on multiple platforms. The app doesn’t require interfacing directly with device drivers using APIs and plugins. This explains why Evernote, Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, Uber, Khan Academy, Instagram and leading hybrid mobile app development companies prefer it to develop hybrid apps.

Cost and time saving

Cost and time saving:

This is the bottom-line advantage of lowered costs and reduced turnaround time; there are several other advanced benefits, enriching this trend of app development with exponential growth. The reduced cost factor also includes reduction in maintenance and bug-fixing costs. Having the app available in minimum possible turn around time enables the businesses to plan ahead of the schedule and tap the potential in the market.

User benefits

User benefits:

One of the key reasons hybrid app development services are popular because they offer several benefits to users including offline access, which helps them save data, enables connectivity in poor network and provides smooth user experience irrespective of the mobile operating system they are using.

Wider reach

Wider reach:

Hybrid apps can enable the companies to go live with their app at all platforms at the same time. This widens the overall reach and increases the brand’s connectivity with its user base. The barriers have been broken down and technology spreads amongst people with fluidity.



These apps are accessible from web native framework of user’s choice. These apps are built in CSS, HTML and JavaScript and wrapped in native apps using platforms exclusively designed for this purpose (eg. Cordova).

Do you have the next big idea? Lets bring it to life!

Do you have the next big idea? Lets bring it to life!

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