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We are passionate about delivering value by developing innovative and user friendly apps.

If you are looking for mobile apps that is constructed with great design and powerful performance, then we are the company for you. Poor construction and execution of mobile app results in a high rate of rejection. Our experience and expertise allow us to prepare the best strategy for your smartphone development process. We are knowledgeable of what’s in-demand for apps and always use the latest components in our final builds. When you work with us, you’ll have full access to every stage of the process.
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Native Mobile App Development

Native Mobile Application Development

How We Work

How to identify the best mobile app development company in India? It requires visionary ideation, seamless engineering and round the clock support to create and run a successful mobile applications for different mobile operating systems. This calls for a team of visionary professionals with expertise in mobile app development in India. We at NBN Minds are equipped with the best brains and advanced resources. Our founders believe that in order to achieve your mark in a highly competitive scenario of app world, you require the best mobile app development company by your side. We have created an innovative mobile app development ecosystem, enriched by our value-driven approach to help you launch a flawless mobile app in the market. You can count on us as a team of expert strategists, UI/UX designers, product managers, and coders to create a highly efficient and top-notch mobile application for your business. read more…
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Our Experience & Capabilities:

BLE device integration DevelopmentBLE device integration Development   
Google Firebase DevelopmentGoogle Firebase Development   
Geo location services and Google maps integrationGeo location services and Google maps integration   
Image/Video editing apps DevelopmentImage/Video editing apps Development   
Audio/Video live streaming and video conferencingAudio/Video live streaming and video conferencing   
Real time chat with push notifications DevelopmentReal time chat with push notifications Development   
Implementing chat bots DevelopmentImplementing chat bots Development   
Mobile commerce Apps Payment Gateway IntegrationMobile commerce Apps & Payment Gateway Integration   
  Mobile Apps Development

Mobile MVP: The key to successful mobile app launches

The world of mobile app development in India is quite challenging. Developing a full-fledged app is a huge investment in terms of time, money and resources. Isn’t it great to have a the way that identifies the potential success of the app development that you are investing in? even if you are a startup or an established brand, sometimes the brilliant of the ideas bounce back! So why not test the potential of your idea with a smart approach? Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a recommended approach, where you need not go ahead with the full project until you test its ability to get you expected tractions. The results are based on real-time data and are tested with real users rather than estimated speculations. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • The approach enables you to focus on core features instead of wasting time on fancy and unimportant ones.
  • With this approach your app can reach to the market faster and ensures efficiency
With Mobile MVP, you can get a core minimum viable product developed for your mobile and test user response and get their feedback. Once the MVP is getting you the expected results, you can go ahead and invest in full package. It also helps you understand how your app is serving the targeted user and what changes are required to make it more effective.

Sounds exciting?

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Do you have the next big idea? Lets bring it to life!

Do you have the next big idea? Lets bring it to life!

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