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Delivering spectacular and high performance React Native Mobile App Development solutions for your business

Before React Native was introduced, Mobile Developers were torn between the idea of developing an app that offers excellent user experience or an app that is developed faster and runs smoothly. All thanks to the advanced technology, supported by Facebook and facilitated by JavaScript, React Native has blended these two edges and offered a middle ground, where the key focus is to develop fast and fluid app, offering excellent user experience.
NBN Minds being the trusted react native mobile application Development Company in India aims to deliver flawless user experience, fast turn around time and broader market expansion to its clients. We strive to upgrade our skillset and infrastructure to meet the client expectations. We believe that in-depth knowledge and innovative mindsets together deliver impeccable software development solutions.

Our React Native offerings

React Native iOS Application Development

React Native iOS Application Development

React Native Android Application Development

React Native Android Application Development

App Migration From Other Platform to React Native

App Migration From Other Platform to React Native

Why React Native? Mapping the Benefits:

Why react native application development services are a big deal? What difference do they make in terms of allowing mobile developers to create better performing apps? What is the reason that leaders and social media giants are using this platform in their apps, for example: Facebook, Bloomberg, Instagram, SoundCloud Pulse, Townske, Gyrpscope etc, Skype. React Native framework is remarkable and revolutionary. Below are the key points supporting this claim:  

Community-driven approach

Community-driven approach:

React Native apps are strongly supported by JS community and there are independent app developers and enthusiasts sharing their knowledge and ideas openly through the forums. This makes the community and its creations even better.

Open source platform

Open source platform:

React Native is tremendously advantageous as an open source platform. The developers can utilize its libraries in APIs without any hindrances related to operability. The consistent support of developer community has empowered this authenticated system even more.

Native architecture

Native architecture:

The concept of modular programming splits the program functionality in various independent yet integrated blocks to ensure flexibility. This makes the React Native code very flexible allowing developers to explore each other’s project and make updates. Since this ecosystems’ architecture is more mobile friendly, it’s easier for developers to upgrade the apps in a super-fast way.

Remarkable performance

Remarkable performance:

Since React Native architecture makes use of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), as compare to native platforms focusing on CPU (Central Processing Unit), it is more adequate for mobile devices. The most powerful fact about React Native framework is that apps built on this ecosystem function similar to native apps (the ones built on Java, Objective-C or Swift etc). With plug-ins & community support, testing during development, React Native is anytime a preferred and better choice over hybrid apps.

Code available for reuse

Code available for reuse, enabling cost and time saving:

The coding standards of React Native framework allow developers to reuse and redeploy code for both iOS and Android. Almost 90% of the code can be reused, minimizing the efforts required, time invested and cost incurred.

Live reloading

Live reloading:

Live reload is probably the most remarkable feature of React Native that makes native ecosystem envious. It allows you to immediately preview the changes and updates you make in UI content. This saves a lot of coding time and makes bug fixing easier.


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Why Us?

Key Reasons to choose NBN Minds for react native app development?

When it comes to choose the expert react native mobile app developers in India, NBN Minds is a highlighted choice. Apart from being just experts in the field, we are a team of dedicated and experienced programmers & developers, having proven record of meeting our clients’ expectation levels.

Our USPs:

Our power packed portfolio for an array of clients speaks for itself. Our key focus remains on delivering advanced, agile and cost effective react native app development solutions in strict time frame. We are backed with the following highlighted attributes to validate our worth as a remarkable react native app development company:

  • Skilled, dedicated and trusted developers with consistent upgrading
  • Assured transparency with all our developers following NDA without fail
  • Customization and innovation
  • Post development support

Our approach:

Our enthusiastic React Native developers aim to make the most out of this framework and its rich ecosystem of tools and components. Our focus here is to create engaging cross-platform apps, enriched with excellent features in less turnaround time. To enhance this powerful framework, we are aiming at developing easy to interact interface, increased customization options and rapid development.

Do you have the next big idea? Lets bring it to life!

Do you have the next big idea? Lets bring it to life!

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