Check out a few of our successful projects.


Paywise: E- Wallet System

Paywise is a unique and secured payment platform for e-commerce and payment collections, implemented for a client in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Keeping in mind the reluctance of the people there to use credit and debit cards, NBN Minds designed and developed a unique payment platform that allows customers to shop online, and follow a simple procedure to pay by cash through agents located conveniently at several locations across the country.

Perfect Fusion: B2B Home Décor Store

A leading home furnishing & manufacturing house of the town wanted to provide his wholesale customers an easy and intuitive app to browse and shop all the latest collections on the go. Designed for both iPhone & Android, this app comes with a lot of advanced features be it advanced searching, push notifications, order management & tracking and a complete backend management system with inventory management & custom reports.

Perfect Fusion
Mercado Editorial

Mercado Editorial

Mercado Editorial is a start-up venture by a Brazilian book publishing house which aims to solve problem related to dissemination of book information in the production chain of the publishing market.

The aim is to build a repository of all the books published in Brazil and to facilitate real time alerts on new book launches and book updates. This platform allows publishers to easily import all of their books into this system via a simple zip importing system, enabling all of their distributors & Bookshops to get notified of new book launches and updates on old books.

Bookshops & Distributors can easily follow the publishers they deal with and can easily configure the Meta data and file format in which they would like to receive data, thereby enabling easy integration with their own software.

Some of the other cool features includes automatic parsing of book data to third party sites via a scheduled service, Multi user system with access control, Development of API which allows you to query metadata, add and update information of books.

CARE ANALYTICS – Tablet Surveys

Care Analytics is a real-time tablet based point of care survey platform designed to tackle the limitations of traditional methods of patient care in managed care facilities. This innovative survey platform provides accurate and reliable performance data and real-time analytics, resulting in transformative patient experiences, enhanced quality and significant cost savings.

The solution developed includes the following features:

  • A SAAS (Software As A Solution) product which can be used by hospitals across United States
  • A tablet-friendly web based application, which can be easily used by patients to respond to surveys.
  • The Business Intelligence software built into the application provides hospitals with an easy and quick overview without spending much time analyzing data.
  • Automated periodic PDF reports to various departments in hospitals via scheduled services

The solution developed by NBN Minds met the expectations of the client by helping medical care facilities provide better care, ensuring patient satisfaction.

Care Analytics
Kalash Bangles

Kalash Bangles

Kalash Bangles in one of a kind unique B2B Mobile application designed for a bangles manufacturing company. This app aims to digitize all the processes within the company there by eliminating inefficiency and paper work.

The app allows distributors to browse through the latest collections, Place orders online, view order history and statuses and get notified of the latest offers available.

This app is equipped with a powerful Back-end reporting system, which provides real time insights on the company’s sales performance, thereby enabling the management to take better decisions.

The system is also loaded with some powerful features including Barcode based inventory system, Real time push notifications, advanced searching, Dashboard analytics and lot more.

Property leads: Enterprise App For Real Estate Firm

Property Leads in an innovative solution for real estate broking firms, to digitize their whole work process. Some of the cool features include a powerful yet simplistic property search experience, Customized backend system with reporting & a comprehensive enquiry management system.

Property Leads

Foodonl9: Online Food Ordering Platform

Designed for a popular restaurant chain in Europe, this system is equipped with all must haves for a food delivery platform. Effortlessly browse all the offerings of the restaurants through its mobile friendly responsive design, making ordering food on the go a really simple experience. On top of that this system have solid backend system, providing managements with all the valuable inputs of the day to day business.