Must know iOS 12 updates for App owners

The latest operating system of Apple is out, and it is IOS 12. IOS 12 has got some cool new improvements over the previous one, and at the same time, it has gone some new improvements for the developers. If you are a developer for the IOS platform and looking to embrace the newer improvements of IOS 12, then this article is meant for you. In the next few sections, you will come to know as a developer how you can benefit from IOS 12.

Siri Shortcuts

Apple introduces “Siri Shortcut” in IOS 12. This would mean that as an iOS developer you would be able to open up certain functionalities of an app with the help of Siri, through voice commands. This option was not there in the previous versions. So, the user will have the flexibility to access a feature of an application through Siri shortcuts, simply by issuing a voice command. However, even though as a developer you equip the app with a Siri shortcut, the same will work only once it is activated by the user himself. This is definitely the downside of the new feature.

Use ARKit 2 for your AR apps

If you are one of those native developer, who create AR apps (Augmented Reality Apps), the IOS 12 has something new for you. With IOS 12, you get ARKit 2. So, now creating multiplayer games is absolutely possible. The new ARKit 2 allows you to include different types of gaming scenarios. You can archive any world map data structure into the app, with the help of which the games could be shared across. ARKit 2 enables object detection, that allows you to create “markerless” gaming experiences for the users. With the help of this user can simply point the phone to towards a particular object, the object detection will automatically bring up the details of that particular object. One can also scan the real-world objects, and can incorporate into their AR experience. However, the rate of the scan will be obviously dependent on the speed of the iOS device. ARKit 2 ensures endless possibilities for AR apps.

Better healthcare apps with access to clinical history data

If you are a developer of a healthcare app, then this one is a big development for you. Now in IOS 12, users will be able to share their clinical history through your app. This will be done by providing read-only access to the developers, who will access data stored in Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), from the Healthkit store. Apple will ensure that the data stored in FHIR is updated on regular basis. For example, you have developed an app for diet. You can enable the user to add his medical history into the app, that will help the app to determine the correct diet for him, through appropriate algorithms. However, since you deal with an individual’s data, you need to make sure you have a well-defined privacy policy in place.

Use stickers as effects

Now you can use the stickers from the Sticker packs that actually appear in the iMessage app, can be now used as effects. So, with this development users can use your stickers from the sticker pack that has been included in your app, an effect. Another notable development is regarding passwords. As we know that remembering and maintaining passwords for different apps could be a real pain. Apple already makes use of the feature “Keychain” that is used for autofill. It suggests as well as save the password for the user. Now iPhone developers can use this “Keychain” feature of their apps as well. This would mean that the system will generate a strong password automatically, in accordance with the password rules you have set for the app. This could simply elevate the user experience, as the user doesn’t have to go through the pain of setting the password as per the password rules, and later remember the same. This is again a big development in the authentication services framework of the iOS platform.

Decked notifications

When it comes to notifications, iOS has revamped this feature in a big way. Now the users can view one notification at a time, that is stacked on top of other notifications, in a stacked card like structure. It would not be wrong to say, that Apple has introduced grouped notification in IOS 12. So, no need to scroll down, notifications grouped as per the apps. This is an important change, and developers can use this change for their benefits. Also, now the developers can send the notification without any prior prompt for permission. These are also known as quiet notifications. These notifications will show up in the notification center, but there won’t be any alert for the same on the lock screen.

Natural Language Framework

Another big boon for the developers in iOS 12 is natural language framework that facilitates natural language processing (NLP). These frameworks support language recognition, language tokenization, and language tagging. NLP is used by the developers for multiple applications, including the development of TTS apps on the mobile platform.

Hence, we can say that IOS 12 has brought some big developments for the developers. This provides more flexibility to the users and better user experience.

If you have already published an app or you are planning to develop a new mobile app on the iOS platform, then you need to ensure that your existing app or the new app supports iOS 12. You can avail the benefits offered by iOS 12 only by making sure that your app is compatible with iOS 12.