JavaScript JavaScript (also known as JS) is a client-side programming language primarily used for frontend coding. JavaScript combined with CSS3, HTML5 can build cross-platform and multi-device compatible interactive websites. Frameworks and its usage allow you to consume less time and energy to develop Java-based sites. There are many JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, etc. […]

Understanding GraphQL for API Development

GraphQL Introduction In 2012, Facebook internally developed a data query language and specification called GraphQL. In 2015, it got open-sourced. To enhance the productivity of the developer and minimize the amount of transferred data, It provides an alternative to REST-based architectures. Core Concept Let’s understand the GraphQL basics. GraphQL is a syntax that has a […]

Reasons why every Enterprise should have a mobile app in 2019_2

Some business owners feel enterprise application development, execution and marketing are expensive and it can be afforded only by the corporations. Some owners believe mobile apps are the best option to develop the next big market. The startup owners consider it as an excellent option to gain momentum. Besides, many owners have this doubt: I […]

Advantages of custom software development-nbn-minds

Beneficial Aspects And Needs Revolving Around Custom Software Development Running business isn’t that easy as it seems. It needs to deal with customer satisfaction, analytics, supply chain services, operations and lots more. Trying to control all these services without help of any technology will end up with mismanagement. Furthermore, you should remember that you are […]