Reasons why every Enterprise should have a mobile app in 2019_2

Some business owners feel enterprise application development, execution and marketing are expensive and it can be afforded only by the corporations. Some owners believe mobile apps are the best option to develop the next big market. The startup owners consider it as an excellent option to gain momentum.

Besides, many owners have this doubt: I have a mobile-friendly website, do I need to need to have an app?

It is a common question asked by SMEs with limited budgets and resources. When it comes to marketing, a native app and mobile website function hand in hand to expand your revenue goals and achieve marketing objectives.

Mobile Website Mobile App
Marketing Advantage In most cases, a mobile website is more alert to search queries. Easy to use, loyalty and engagement. The app remains live on the user’s device.
User Interaction The customer visits your website, performs an action and exits from the site. It is open, on-going and two-way. With push notifications, you can allow on-demand communication.
Mechanism of use The user has to open the website, type the website URL and use the site. Once the app is installed, the user can tap the icon anytime on their smartphone screen.
Marketing objective Helps in attracting new customers Helps in creating loyal customers.

Let us discuss the major reasons why every business owner should consider an enterprise app development 2019 in this blog.

1. Direct marketing channel

Apps serve several functions. They offer general news feeds, messengers, user accounts, search features, booking forms, prices, information and much more. The major benefit of having a mobile application is you can offer all the information you wish to share directly to your customers. It includes special promotions and sales. The push notifications get you closer to customers and allow for direct interaction. It reminds customers about your services and products.

2. Offers value to the customers

It has become a trend to collect reward points through the mobile app. Gone are the days, where the customer should use a card for adding the reward points. So to get these reward points, more and more customers would start to download the app and it will result in more number of returning customers.

3. Develops recognition and brand

Your app should be good looking and well branded, but it is very important to have an app with features your customers would enjoy.

Whenever you involve your customers with your app, they will be motivated to purchase your service or product very soon. In terms of advertising, it is referred to as effective frequency. When a person sees and hears your brand often, then there are high chances of noticing your business or purchasing from your business.

4. Enhance customer engagement

Be it you are selling spa services or flowers, the customers should know how to approach you. By having a contact or help desk, they can easily interact with you. For instance – With the use of chatbots many financial institutions easily handle user queries with just 3-4 clicks thereby reducing the need for a phone call and keeping the customers happy.

5. Stay ahead of your competitors

Most of the small business owners have not yet started to focus on developing a customized mobile app for their business. Surprise your customers by offering a mobile app. Both your customers and competitors would definitely feel shocked to see your advanced level of approach.

6. Cultivate customer loyalty

One of the major reasons for developing a mobile app for your business is customer loyalty. Though there are several ways to connect with customers through email marketing, Facebook ads, website banners, websites, flashing signs, etc. there are chances to lose customers due to too many promotions.

If you wish to make your customers a fan of your service/product or wish to develop a sincere and true connection with your customers, mobile apps are the best option.

However, do not assume that it is the only way to safeguard your business. Mobile apps help you to remain in touch with your customers since the app is accessible in just a finger tap at any time.

A mobile app is a standard component for any enterprise in the future. The decision you are making today is the basement for the prospect of your business. Now, it is your turn to make the right move for your business. Decide, whether to be the first or one among in the crowd.