Benefits of using ionic framework for hybrid app development

If you are a newbie to the app development world, then you would be searching for a better framework to begin the process of development. It is well known that there are several platforms easily available and each has its own merits and demerits. Today, we are sharing this article which explains the advantages of Ionic Framework.

Benefits of Ionic Framework

1. Ionic is open source and completely free:

One of the best things on the internet is there are only small barriers to enter. Any person around the world can create mobile apps and website by using their internet connection and computer. Ionic is a powerful framework that is offered for free of cost. It allows any person to develop things that could change their lives and also other’s lives.

2. Ionic is constructed on Angular:

If you have already used the Ionic platform, you would know well that it is constructed above the AngularJS framework. Generally, Ionic spreads Angular along with a group of stuff to build mobile applications with Angular super simple. AngularJS is supported by Google. It is one of the famous JavaScript frameworks are utilized all over the world today.

Just because it is supported by Google and is a major framework, it does not mean that it is suitable for all situations or particularly in general. It is used by several engineers and also some of the super top engineers build and maintain it. It is for this reason, it remains a safe bet. It is also recommended to get in touch with AngularJS developer community for assistance and support with problems you experience when developing an Ionic application.

3. Ionic has an attractive default user interface which is simple to customize:

Ionic is available with a set of default CSS components and JavaScript components that includes the majority of the simple things you wish to form into a mobile app. Some of the most important components available with ionic are:

  • Sliding Menu
  • Sliding boxes
  • Tabs
  • Prompts and popups
  • Navigation
  • Lists
  • Buttons
  • Form inputs
  • And much more

The default styles which Ionic offers are simple and sleek. It is possible to customize them easily by including one of the pre-set CSS classes to an element. If you are a little adventurous, you can also use your skills to create custom styles and also your own themes and layouts. It is actually simple to create custom layouts in this platform.

4. Ionic integrates effortlessly with native functionality

Any kind of HTML5 mobile framework assimilates quite easy with native functionality by utilizing Cordova that offers access to native APIs such as the GPS, contacts, camera and more. Ionic makes this simpler with ngCordova. ngCordova is a group of Angular JS extensions and services which remains simple to assimilate Cordova plugins.

5. The main development crew is awesome

The team members of Ionic are completely engaged and active on Social Media and with their users. The founders can be easily approached in quick time. Some of the top members who are active on Twitter include Matt Kremer, Perry Govier, Max Lynch, etc. If you have not joined the group, you should definitely think about joining very soon.

Ionic is responsive, smooth and fast. It is constructed with all necessary features that help to perform efficiently and fast on the mobile device. It has an exclusive default feature – handling dreaded tap delay.

It is developed using hardware-accelerated animations. Some of the common components like side menu and tabs are pre-constructed and functions very well. It offers the option of utilizing native scrolling. It reuses and recycles DOM elements and permits large lists to roll smoothly. DOM Manipulation is one of the biggest limitations of performance for mobile devices.


These are some of the important reasons and benefits of choosing the ionic framework for mobile application development. Hope it is clear why Ionic remains as the major Hybrid mobile development platform in the present scenario and how it continues to dominate in the future too.

If you are undecided between hybrid or Native app, this article comparing Native vs Hybrid framework might help you to understand the differences and choose the right technology for your app.