When you are searching for a software development company for your business, there are some crucial things to consider. At the initial level, it is vital to select a software development company that can provide you with a customized, unique product that accurately works for your start-up or business. 

However, when you are choosing to outsource mobile app development to other companies, one thing you need to keep in mind is that just like other business decisions, it has its sets of pros and cons.

Outsourcing indeed, has its own perks such as better pricing, quality (Sometimes even better than a local company) and abiding by a stipulated timeline.For this reason, it’s worth to choose a pro organization to outsource app development India or that of any other location.

However, you may face some pitfalls in the long run if you do not know which company is accurate for you and with whom you need to work with.

The purpose of this blog is helping you in developing a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing mobile app developments for your start-up business ventures. Besides, it will help you with the right strategy for finding the best developer that suits all your needs.

The Reasons Business or Start-Ups Consider Outsourcing

At first, we need to understand why companies prioritize on searching for outsourcing app development. A start-up at the very beginning does not have a lot of resources. Therefore, if someone tries to build an in-house team for mobile app development, then they need to hire marketers, app developers, testers and not to mention, all these need huge investment.

For these reasons, the in-house app development could bring some overhead costs. Along with that, if you lack any prior experience in this technical department, you can face several challenges like hiring talented and skilled developers.

When you sign up for outsourcing the app development work, then you save time as well as money at the same time. At first, the mobile application development process is very much limited to time. In other words, a company need not hire a full time employee for app development purpose. On top of that, outsourcing companies charge much lesser than full time staff payments. Also, when you decide to work with an outsourcing company, you do not have to think about spending money on taxes per employee as well as on workplace equipment.

There are several mobile apps for everything, and for every industry, for instance, one can see the use of the app on insurance, healthcare, real estate, and several other sectors. Even now, big enterprises are also embracing the power of cloud computing while migrating their CRMs and their ERPs on the cloud. TechCrunch has predicted that by the end of 2020, there would be around five million apps in the world.

Therefore, the fact does not come as a shock that there is a huge demand for app developers in the world, and in many cases, often the demand is exceeding the supply. If we consider the overall picture, then we can see that the shortage of app developers and resources not only prevailing in the United States but also the scarcity is going on in Western Europe as well as the United Kingdom. In this scenario, the numero uno solution is to outsource app development to every offshore destination.

It is quite affordable to develop the app by a third-party developer, a mobile application development company in India. It is also helpful to start-ups and small business ventures because it does not come with any overhead costs or fixed expenses and, therefore, doesn’t become a barrier between you and your business.

That is why often people see that outsourcing mobile app development is quite a profitable option for their business. However, one must make the final decision after considering all the pros and cons of it. Here we are showing some advantages as well as disparages for mobile app development:


  • No additional taxes on monthly wages

  • Use of specialized equipment, knowledge, technologies

  • The flexibility of contracts, fixed project or retainer model

  • One can find diverse and accomplished developers at the same place

  • Timely execution of the project

  • Superior quality products at reasonable pricing

  • All project risks pass to the mobile development company

Those are some great benefits of outsourcing app development. Now let’s dig into some cons of using the service


  • Tax regulations related to outsourcing

  • Lack of quality control

  • Issues in communication due to different location and time zone

  • Higher possibility to expose your business to a weakened security system

  • Concerns in data privacy 

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • You do not need to stress about hiring the right professional when contacting the outsourcing company. The firm with whom you are going to work has done its best to provide you with the top-notch service that your business needs.

  • When you work with a reputable company, you do not need to think about training the employees or improving their qualifications. So, you can save lots of resources that you can apply somewhere else.

  • The reach of outsourcing is extensive, which means that you can hire the most qualified candidate for the job of your company even when the person is living on a different continent.

  • You can have some extra time for yourself that you can utilize for your next business strategy or spend quality time with your family.

Concerns Related to Outsourcing

  • As the person with whom you are working is located far away from your office, you may not be able to contact the person always because of the difference in time zone or language. And for the communication gap, you can face some quality issues of the service they are providing.

How to Outsource Effectively?

Outsourcing can be tricky for you if you are unaware of the result. To bypass such a problem, you need to develop an RFP with a wireframe to get the visual sight of the end result and the deliverables of the outsourcing company you have partnered with.

There are ample cost benefits of outsourcing. Be it a small start-up trade, a mid-range business or a large organization. However, before finalizing the one, you need to choose the most suitable one for your business. So do not forget to check the portfolio of their work, customer review, and the tech stack.

Another important parameter in judging the right company is to see, what kind of questions they are asking and how it is bringing clarity to the requirement. No matter what company you select, there will be some challenges at the beginning.

However, if you pick a reputed company to pair with, then there will be a smaller number of challenges to face.

At NBN Minds, our aim has always been to follow best practices and ethics and to keep things transparent. We always focus on educating a client first before sealing the deal. This way, expectations are quantified, and the client exactly knows the deliverables well in advance. This avoids miscommunication and ensures a smooth long-term relationship.