Cost Per Install explained

CPI or Cost Per Install is the rate to obtain a new client from paid advertisements. It is an important metric for mobile applications.

Though there are various other metrics to focus, CPI requires the first preference. Ensure that you do not confuse the term with PPI or Pay Per Install since two figures are completely different.

Some people would have heard about CPI, but they do not know exactly how to utilize it and what it means. Most would not know the term at all. Well, in this article, let us learn the importance of Cost Per Install.

What is CPI?

CPI is particularly developed for mobile apps. It cannot be applied to other sections of your business. With CPI promotions, digital advertisements are positioned to drive Signup of a particular mobile app. The businesses will be charged a bid rate or a particular rate when the app is installed.

CPI formula

How to calculate CPI or cost per install? It is not a tough task. You need to divide the total expenditure on advertisements by the total number of installations.

CPI=Total advertisement spends/total measured installs.

What are the advantages of Cost Per Install?

CPI-based campaign concentrate on gathering the highest number of application installs for the lowest cost. One of the major benefits of Cost Per Install is the users engage with the app over time and it is the campaign that is said to have greater lifetime value.

If you are thinking to enhance your rank in mobile application store organically, increase brand awareness, enhance app download volume or push app revenue, CPI campaigns are the best option.

CPI campaigns help in promoting a large number of downloads that leads to enhanced category rank in the mobile application stores and boosts the organic installs. It is best for brand awareness and remains as a competitive play since the consumers prefer to download an app that has high rankings and maximum downloads in the app store.

Special focusing on Apple and Android device users

CPI advertising allows users to install through Google Play or App Store or depends upon the device they are using. This makes sure for faultless customer experience when installing and networking with your mobile application.

It is possible to customize the CPI campaign as per goals of the advertiser by adjusting the potential audience, location, and publisher sites.

In certain case, you can set the rate of the CPI campaign to activate after a particular action is performed within the game like reaching a higher level. It would be highly beneficial since the action of installing an application does not necessarily transform into usage.

If you do not have these parameters, you would be spending for installs which may never be used. Therefore, it is necessary to work out on these kinds of details with the publisher who displays the advertisement for you.

What are the factors to consider when selecting a CPI network?

Prices: It is important to ensure that you get the right price for the CPI campaigns. Remember, the least expensive is not the best. It does not benefit you in any manner. Whatever decision you are taking, you have to see that the price matches your budget.

Category: There are certain publishers who specialize in particular niches. It is recommended to follow a niche network. It is best than focusing on a bulk audience. Installations do not result in usage. You have to make use of people who are using the app. If not, it means you are wasting money.