Advantages of MVP

Developing a perfect mobile app is not easy. Often, we develop an understanding that the app which we have developed is as per customer’s expectation. However, when the app is launched in the market, you find that it has got hardly any takers. This is what business is about, an idea might click straightaway but it might bite the dust as well. What if the second one is true? Especially, this is the same story with start-up mobile app companies. If the app clicks, it is well and good, in not then it becomes a nightmare for the start-up owners. Hence, the best deal in this situation will adopt a safer approach. This approach is known as a “minimum viable product” approach or MVP.

As per MVP, the initial release of the product will just have required or enough features to meet the expectation of the early customers. These early customers will provide valuable feedback that can be used for future product development.

Benefits of using MVP for your mobile

There are definite benefits of MVP for Your Mobile App. These advantages of MVP for your mobile App will definitely entice you to adopt an MVP approach, rather than opting for a traditional app development approach. Some of the key points are mentioned below which endorses as a suitable approach, especially for the startups.

  • Evaluating Persona: Evaluation of an idea at a very early stage can not only save a huge amount of dollars but guarantees a healthy return on investment. Develop an MVP app, launch it within a specified segment of users, and evaluate the probable persona of the product. Hence, you become aware of the target customers and their feedback on the product. Based, on a well-structured feedback mechanism on product persona, the product could be further developed for a much larger user base.

  • Evaluate the app performance: With the MVP approach, as a developer, you can always evaluate whether your app is behaving in the way, in which it is supposed to. This could be determined by evaluating the app’s output, which will give a fair idea on its performance. This would help you to understand whether your app is using the right kind of technologies or not, and it is moving in the right direction or not.

  • Handle the security issues: You can determine any potential security issues within the app, during the initial as well as limited release. These issues could be fixed before the final release of the app. So, even if there is a security breach, it will make sure that the breach is going to affect only a limited number of users.

  • Lower Cost of Development: The development of a mobile app, always needs substantial investment. More feature rich app would cost more, and while fewer features on an app would cost less. In the case of MVP, the app would have only the required features, which will require fewer resources, and could be developed in lesser time. Hence, the cost of development is going to be low as well.

  • Evaluate User Expectation: The MVP app is launched with mobile analytics plugins, which helps to understand how the user is using the app. It will also help to understand which are the app features that users use most, which are the least used ones.

  • Developing a Better App: The MVP is a beta version of an app, just to determine how users are accepting the app. Based on the user feedback, a better, as well as a developed version of the app, could be built for final release.


Using MVP for app development at the initial stage could be a smart business idea, as it saves cost and helps to understand user expectations. Developers can launch their app in lesser time and cost.