increasing user retention in mobile apps

App engagement is crucial to an app’s success. A good app is not only measured by the number of downloads but also by the percentage of retention. Your app is not achieving the targeted mark of success if it merely sits in your target users’ device but rarely opened. Here are the best practices you […]

How to write mobile app PRD

To convert your dreams into reality, a raw idea is just not enough. You require a complete vision that has the ability to convert a great idea into a greater product, say mobile app. Read on to understand the significance of Mobile App Requirements Document to convert your brilliant app idea into reality. Apart from […]

As the modern user’s attention has shifted to mobile devices, businesses need to enter the world of mobile applications with great planning and brilliant apps for representing their business. The best resort here is to prefer selecting a credible Outsourcing Mobile App Development company to address your app development requirements. Presently, where technology is raving […]

react native framework

Selecting the best technology for mobile app development is a great challenge. The success of the app, the return on investment and scalability of the app depends on this. Therefore, CTOs and decision makers always put extra attention at weighing every technology for its pros and cons before they take any decision. React native mobile […]

With a gamut of different mobile application development frameworks available in the marketplace, it is obviously overwhelming for developers to choose the best suitable one amongst all options for the excellent development of mobile apps. There are various app development frameworks, which can collectively be summed up into three broad categories- pure native, Mix hybrid […]

how to improve mobile app performance

Success of a mobile application is half achieved when a great idea is put together to create a powerful application. The second half is accomplished when it delivers the desired user experience without slowing down. To make sure the application performs at par, it is recommended to identify the reason for slow application and fix […]