When you should and shouldn't use firebase

Firebase Firebase is a set of tools offered by Google to build excellent scalable applications in the cloud. It is a powerful service that helps in building applications quickly without reinventing the components or modules. Services like analytics, authentication, databases, configuration, file storage, push messaging are provided by firebase thereby making it easy for the […]

integrating machine learning in mobile app

Machine learning is definitely changing the world gradually. The machines that are used by humans for their day to day use are getting smarter. This includes our smartphones, smart wearable or even smart televisions. These smart devices are capable enough to take decisions on their own. Thus, have you ever noticed how google map notifies […]

things to know for video editing mobile app development

Five years back, editing a video was a tricky and time-consuming task. You need to export the clip to your PC, and only after that you can start editing. Things have changed drastically now in this mobile age. You can record the video on mobile, and edit the video as well with a video editor […]

Must know iOS 12 updates for App owners

The latest operating system of Apple is out, and it is IOS 12. IOS 12 has got some cool new improvements over the previous one, and at the same time, it has gone some new improvements for the developers. If you are a developer for the IOS platform and looking to embrace the newer improvements […]

How to choose between native and Hybrid technology for your mobile app development

Introduction Today, mobile applications are in huge demand owing to the heavy growth in mobile users. With the kind of presence mobile applications have registered amongst the users, this demand will go higher. Mobile apps have multiple benefits but developing these kinds of apps could be costly. You have to make a decision to select […]

increasing user retention in mobile apps

App engagement is crucial to an app’s success. A good app is not only measured by the number of downloads but also by the percentage of retention. Your app is not achieving the targeted mark of success if it merely sits in your target users’ device but rarely opened. Here are the best practices you […]

How to write mobile app PRD

To convert your dreams into reality, a raw idea is just not enough. You require a complete vision that has the ability to convert a great idea into a greater product, say mobile app. Read on to understand the significance of Mobile App Requirements Document to convert your brilliant app idea into reality. Apart from […]

As the modern user’s attention has shifted to mobile devices, businesses need to enter the world of mobile applications with great planning and brilliant apps for representing their business. The best resort here is to prefer selecting a credible Outsourcing Mobile App Development company to address your app development requirements. Presently, where technology is raving […]

react native framework

Selecting the best technology for mobile app development is a great challenge. The success of the app, the return on investment and scalability of the app depends on this. Therefore, CTOs and decision makers always put extra attention at weighing every technology for its pros and cons before they take any decision. React native mobile […]

With a gamut of different mobile application development frameworks available in the marketplace, it is obviously overwhelming for developers to choose the best suitable one amongst all options for the excellent development of mobile apps. There are various app development frameworks, which can collectively be summed up into three broad categories- pure native, Mix hybrid […]