What does RFP Refer To? Request for Proposal, abbreviated as RFP is the way of representing a company to its prospective collaborators. In actuality, it’s an official paper that contains the outline of all the vital needs for a particular project. This can be taken as a mobile app business plan document that can help […]

Top Coding Languages To Learn JavaScript JavaScript is known as JS, is a programming language for web developers. It was originally used for web-browsers, but now it is also used for server-side web developers and also for web-applications. Just like HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript is also one of the most essential parts of the World […]

These days, mobile apps are everything. Right from booking the next movie ticket to paying your electricity bills, everything takes place online, thanks to mobile app. As firms are racing to be the first in this market with coolest apps, they are forgetting major things. They are forgetting to apply security principles in deployment and […]

Understanding GraphQL for API Development

GraphQL Introduction In 2012, Facebook internally developed a data query language and specification called GraphQL. In 2015, it got open-sourced. To enhance the productivity of the developer and minimize the amount of transferred data, It provides an alternative to REST-based architectures. Core Concept Let’s understand the GraphQL basics. GraphQL is a syntax that has a […]

Reasons why every Enterprise should have a mobile app in 2019_2

Some business owners feel enterprise application development, execution and marketing are expensive and it can be afforded only by the corporations. Some owners believe mobile apps are the best option to develop the next big market. The startup owners consider it as an excellent option to gain momentum. Besides, many owners have this doubt: I […]

Advantages of custom software development-nbn-minds

Beneficial Aspects And Needs Revolving Around Custom Software Development Running business isn’t that easy as it seems. It needs to deal with customer satisfaction, analytics, supply chain services, operations and lots more. Trying to control all these services without help of any technology will end up with mismanagement. Furthermore, you should remember that you are […]

Structured Data vs. Unstructured Data and significance of both

There are primarily two different categories of data that any organization handles-Structured data and Unstructured data. Structured data is a particular type that consists of classified data that are easy to search. On the other hand, unstructured data is simply everything except the structured one. It includes but not limited to text files, social media post, […]

IOT mobile app development, use cases, challenges and popular platforms

Real meaning behind Internet of Things: IoT, also known as Internet of Things, is created using devices connected to internet and sharing info with one another. The basic examples are laptops, computers and smartphones but that’s not the end of it. IoT further talks about objects, equipped with chips for gathering and communicating data over […]

Mobile App User key Engagement Metrics

The majority of the developers do even see the performance of app after publishing. It is almost like manufacturing a ship and allowing it to go without setting any direction. If you wish to make your app a successful one, it is necessary to make use of right metrics, rehearse and optimize your mobile app […]

How to incorporate user testing during wireframing stage

It is well known that the mobile application industry is large and growing every day where only a few % of applications see success. It is a challenging task to increase app installations. Besides pulling users, it is a daunting task to make them stick towards the app after installation. On an average, approximately only […]