How to build a payment app

A cashless economy is the reality of the future. This reality is definitely possible with mobile payment apps. Mobile users prefer using payment apps to send as well as receive money. Today, most of the payment services are available on the modern-day payment apps. One can simply pay to a merchant or transfer money to […]

wedding planning mobile app features

The wedding planning applications are essential for any individual planning the wedding. It helps you to remain inspired, organized, and also calm during the crazy occasion. A professional wedding planning app helps the wedding planners to manage a to-do list, guest list, vendors and budget planning- all in a single platform. The best part of […]

Cost Per Install explained

CPI or Cost Per Install is the rate to obtain a new client from paid advertisements. It is an important metric for mobile applications. Though there are various other metrics to focus, CPI requires the first preference. Ensure that you do not confuse the term with PPI or Pay Per Install since two figures are […]

Tips to design an award winning mobile app

Are you looking for an impressive mobile app? The app might perform according to your development strategy. However, it is just a part of app development battle. If you wish your app to be a successful one, it should have a killer design. Be it you are hiring a designer or designing the app by […]

React Native or Ionic which framework is better?

Introduction Organisations have started to rapidly adopt mobile technologies to grow their businesses. From managing day to day tasks to analyzing key data, everything is shifting to mobile platforms and thus choosing the right technology becomes a challenging task. Businesses needs to select a technology that can deliver good performance and which can be easy […]

Benefits of using ionic framework for hybrid app development

If you are a newbie to the app development world, then you would be searching for a better framework to begin the process of development. It is well known that there are several platforms easily available and each has its own merits and demerits. Today, we are sharing this article which explains the advantages of […]

Periodic updates are quite common with modern apps. Updates are the best way to improve the apps in a changing environment. In fact, it is a much-required feature of an app that determines its sustainability in a longer run, along with that it makes the app more secure. Hence, it is agreed that developers should […]

Advantages of MVP

Developing a perfect mobile app is not easy. Often, we develop an understanding that the app which we have developed is as per customer’s expectation. However, when the app is launched in the market, you find that it has got hardly any takers. This is what business is about, an idea might click straightaway but […]

When you should and shouldn't use firebase

Firebase Firebase is a set of tools offered by Google to build excellent scalable applications in the cloud. It is a powerful service that helps in building applications quickly without reinventing the components or modules. Services like analytics, authentication, databases, configuration, file storage, push messaging are provided by firebase thereby making it easy for the […]

integrating machine learning in mobile app

Machine learning is definitely changing the world gradually. The machines that are used by humans for their day to day use are getting smarter. This includes our smartphones, smart wearable or even smart televisions. These smart devices are capable enough to take decisions on their own. Thus, have you ever noticed how google map notifies […]